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New York City Snoring And Sleep Apnea Treatment

Stop SnoringGet The Sleep You Deserve With The One-of-a-Kind VIAdmd® Oral Device

There is no longer any reason to lose sleep because of snoring and sleep apnea. The Patented VIAdmd® oral device has eliminated snoring and successfully treated Obstructive Sleep Apnea in most patients! In many cases, lifelong use of the VIAdmd® oral device is not necessary to maintain a snore-free sleep.

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What is the VIAdmd® Oral Device?

Anti Snoring DeviceVIAdmd® oral device is an innovative mouthpiece designed to elegantly eliminate Snoring, treat Sleep Apnea and T.M.J. Syndrome.

The design of the VIAdmd® oral device is  based on scientific research and has been proven effective in most patients.  This revolutionary treatment is available immediately.

VIAdmd-oral® device is made from a smooth, non-allergenic material, not causing any irritation in the mouth.  VIAdmd® will not cause any of the dental or oral problems that you will experience with some over the counter remedies.

You’ll be happy to hear that the VIAdmd® oral device is comfortable to fall asleep with and is barely noticeable when being worn.

The VIAdmd® oral device is a highly-effective, non-invasive and a non-surgical path to eliminating snoring and treating obstructive sleep apnea. In many cases, lifelong use of the VIAdmd® oral device may not be necessary.

Call Today to Schedule Your Appointment & Begin Sleeping Peacefully with The Hakimi Method®
(212) 753-2654 or 800-764-4453

How VIAdmd® Oral Device Works to Stop Snoring, Treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea & Give Both You and Your Partner A Good Nights Sleep

Anti Snoring DevicesVIAdmd® is an oral device that retains the tongue in a forward position, opening up your air passage to increase the oxygen intake into your body.

VIAdmd® oral device is custom-fitted to each individual to ensure comfort during sleep.

VIAdmd® oral device fits comfortably onto the upper teeth before bedtime, and is taken out when you wake up the next morning and begin your day.

Unlike other devices, VIAdmd® oral device lets you close and seal your mouth while wearing the device, giving you the chance to fall asleep comfortably and naturally.

Call Today to Schedule Your Appointment & Begin Sleeping Peacefully with The Hakimi Method®
(212) 753-2654 or 800-764-4453

Don't Risk Your Health or Well Being

Why take chances with over the counter remedies, invasive surgery, or uncomfortable breathing masks and machines? Trying to figure out what to do about your condition is risky- even deadly- business.

You may do more harm than good. Lifelong relief cannot be achieved even if you temporarily stop snoring.

Why take chances with your health?

A medical diagnosis and treatment by a professional for snoring and sleep apnea is the best option when using an oral device.  Use of the VIAdmd® oral device is infinitely more reliable, effective, safe & medically-sound than  any of the over the counter options.  More importantly, it is over seen by a trusted doctor.

Call Today to Schedule Your Appointment & Begin Sleeping Peacefully with The Hakimi Method®
(212) 753-2654 or 800-764-4453

Rest Easy With Your VIAdmd® Oral Device

Couple waking up after a good night's sleepWith the VIAdmd® mouthpiece you'll fall asleep comfortably and naturally, getting a full nights sleep, and waking up feeling energized and refreshed.

When you improve your sleep, other areas of your life improve as well. Lower blood pressure, improved sex drive, and the ability to lose weight easier are just benefits of a  good nights sleep.

 Contact us today & begin getting the wonderful sleep that gives your body and mind the rest for a healthy life.

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(212) 753-2654 or (800)764-4453


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Patient Testimonials

"I no longer snore... you have changed my life. Many thanks.” -Robert B.

"After using your [VIAdmd®] device every evening, I have slept better, for longer hours, deeper sleep and, luckily for me, my girlfriend likes me again.” -David P.


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